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Expand supply chain business

Expand Supply Chain Business 1

HERRENEBRG/UNITED KINGDOM. Kevin Rogers has taken on the newly established position as Global President Sales and Marketing within the Elanders Group. In his new function, he has also become LGI Logistics Group International GmbH’s Managing Director UK. The department Corporate Communications asked the 49-year-old why he took over the new role and what his plans are within LGI and the entire Elanders Group.

LGI: Hi Kevin, tell us about your new job. Why did you take over this new role?

Kevin: I was located in Bejing and China as Senior Vice President of Print and Packaging worldwide and our China Printing & Packaging business was coming to an end. Magnus Nilson, our CEO of Elanders, suggested I take over responsibility for business development activities of the Elanders Group, focusing on our Supply Chain Business. As I am British, it was a logical step for me to move back to my home country and lead business development from Europe. This is a very exciting role for me and I really enjoy having all my family members around me again (smiles).

LGI: What are your plans for LGI UK this year?

Kevin: We want to concentrate on two main branches: Electronics and Fashion & Lifestyle. Both areas have a link to e-Commerce and Supply Chain Management. Because the business is growing very, very quickly in these sectors, it is an exciting opportunity for us. As a first step, we will be targeting business in the UK and talking to existing business partners about how we can expand the business within the whole supply chain. There is not only LGI’s location in Milton Keynes. Elanders also has four locations in Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham and one near Glasgow. One of my key roles is to expand the collaboration within the Elanders family. There are tremendous opportunities to do so. My new job makes it much easier to achieve that. I am excited about working with the different LGI teams because I am very, very impressed by the professionalism, expertise and the quality LGI offers its customers.

LGI: What are your plans for LGI UK in the long-term?

Kevin: Our supply chain business is very small. We want to expand business revenue tenfold. There are two things I want to focus on: offering supply chain services to existing customers and winning new business. As LGI is unknown in the UK as a supply chain expert, this is where my activities will start. I want to promote the value and services we offer. And I want to look for business opportunities in the Fashion & Lifestyle sector in the UK, too. If the hard Brexit comes, the companies in the UK will need business relations with other countries. And we can offer that for them.

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