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LGI is training LEAN Experts

LEAN Expert Training - LGI

HERRENBERG (Germany). For some weeks now, LGI has been internally training LEAN experts for improvement projects. The LOS (LGI Operating System) department, which is responsible for LEAN management*, has developed an innovative concept for this training, which sees employees from various divisions receiving intensive training in theoretical and practical principles. The aim is for experts to learn how logistics processes can be designed more efficiently. Following on from the program, they should be able to manage improvement projects themselves.

“The topic of ‘continuous improvement’ is an essential component of the LGI Group’s company philosophy,” said Chief Operations Officer, Eckhard Busch. “The idea is that the experts will pass on the LEAN style of thinking throughout the company.” This is why LGI created the LEAN expert program. For now, six employees have been admitted into the program. The apprenticeship includes theoretical elements and an intensive practical phase.

In the theoretical phase, the six participants are taught practice-oriented LEAN knowledge. This includes a full-day LEAN logistics simulation developed by LGI employee Thomas Haizmann in his bachelor’s degree thesis at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) (see image). In the practical phase, the prospective LEAN experts become responsible for real improvement projects. They work together in teams, with an experienced coach from the LOS department by their side.

The initial reviews by participants have been very positive: “The LOS expert training offers me an excellent opportunity as a professional newcomer to prepare for my future role and apply the LEAN theory in practice,” said Sarah Sasowsky, who has been part of the LGI LOS team for a few months now. Bernhard Vodermeier, who will soon be focusing more on LEAN management at the ITG, a subsidiary of LGI, adds: “I think the expert program is a great idea. I am looking forward to introducing the LEAN principles to my colleagues and using this to inspire them.”

“We are using the program to root the LEAN philosophy even deeper in the LGI Group,” said Andreas Blind, Head of the LEAN Program (LOS). The goal is for optimization projects to be run independently, even in a decentralized environment. The first wave of qualifications will likely continue until February 2018. The program will then be continued further.

*What is LEAN management?

LEAN management aims to control measures in a way that reduces waste in processes. A continuous improvement process should make everyday work better for employees in the specific division. This can result in paths in the warehouse becoming shorter. At the same time, LEAN measures can make processes more flexible and stable. The LOS (LGI Operating System) department is putting the LEAN philosophy into practice at LGI.

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