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Logistics hero and record holder Angelika Kraft

Logistics Hero And Record Holder Angelika Kraft

Angelika Kraft is a logistics hero to us because she has been a professional driver for 21 years and gives her best every day. In our interview you can find out what it’s like to drive one of the few electric trucks in Germany and Austria and how the 62-year-old managed to set a record. As part of campaign “Wirtschaftsmacher”, LGI is presenting portraits of several logistics heroes.

LGI: Hello Angelika! You drive one of the few e-trucks in Germany and Austria. What is so special about it?

Angelika: As far as I know I’m the only woman in Germany who drives an electric truck. With 360 hp it has much more power than normal trucks. The driving style is similar, but a few things are different. Because the huge power you have to use the accelerator differently and drive even more cautiously. Since the electric truck has no gearboxes, it also reacts much more sensitively than a diesel. This makes economical driving a little bit more difficult.

LGI: You’ve still managed to set a record for range with the electric truck thanks to your efficient driving style. How exactly did you accomplish that?

Angelika: My record is to drive three routes to the customer’s factory in an electric truck without having to stop for an intermediate load. That’s almost 130 kilometers. You have to drive very forward-looking. Of course, it also depends a lot on the weather and the traffic. If, for example, you have a strong headwind, you definitely have to reload after a round trip. Since the electric truck is a prototype, no one has really gained any experience. So it’s a new challenge every day. And I like that!

LGI: How did it come that you got your truck driver’s license?

Angelika: As a teenager I didn’t want to sit at my desk. Unfortunately, I had to do a training as a saleswoman because it was very difficult at that time to do a job in handicraft. Nevertheless, I always managed well to drive a 7.5 tons truck and had fun with it. That’s why the later decision to obtain a professional driver’s license was just right for me. All in all, it is the job I’ve always dreamed of.

The interview was conducted by Corporate Communications.

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