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Sensitive technology calls for careful hands and an infrastructure that protect highly sensitive devices and instruments. From procurement and protection to the distribution and reuse of hardware, medical devices, and accessories – we have logistics services suitable for your entire value chain. We cover every stage of your process chain – as you can see for your electronics products from our service portfolio.


Contract logistics

  • Procurement logistics & production supplies
  • Spare parts logistics platform 24/7/365
  • Consignment stock & supplier warehouse
  • Inventory management
  • Hazardous goods storage & cold chain logistics
  • Lean management-based LGI operating system (LOS)
  • Packaging logistics
  • Distribution logistics
  • Drop point concept (delivery of parcels to gas stations, parcel collection shops, etc.)
  • Track & trace with supply chain event monitoring
  • End-to-end supply chain solutions to track, monitor, and control any material flows


Transport logistics

  • Europe-wide transport and returns network
  • Europe-wide technician services
  • Fourth party logistics provider (4PL)
  • Lead logistics provider (LLP)
  • Track & trace for transport services


Value-added services

  • Installation, transport, and configuration of electrical devices
  • Europe-wide technician services and repair services at your end customers’ premises
  • Labeling and bundling (kitting) of various products
  • Software updates and staging
  • Image generation
  • Certified data deletion
  • Recirculation and refurbishment of old devices to new condition as well as resale to second-life markets (IMAC/R/D)
  • Certified disposal of IT devices

Interested in multiple value added services? Then take a look at our life cycle management.


Services for customs and foreign trade

  • Customs clearance following simplified customs procedures
  • Air freight security (regulated agent)

For more information, see Customs and Foreign Trade Services.



  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • AZAV certificate: Confirms quality in training and development of logistics employees
  • AEO certificate: As an authorized economic operator in customs, we facilitate a transparent customs process in compliance with regulations


LGI thinks ahead

According to a simple principle: The one-stop shop for electronics logistics. We offer you everything from a single source. On request, we can play an integral role in your value chain and take over parts of your production. In terms of staging and configuration, for example, we can connect hardware, software, and country-specific accessories. Our IT specialists even take care of image programming and software installations. We then assemble everything according to your specifications and deliver it complete, personalized, and ready for operation to your workplace.

The result is unique LGI logistics solutions for the electronics industry. For example, the timely provision of devices and spare parts to drop points across Europe for our technician network along service routes that change on a daily basis. The same applies for collections of defective and old devices. As well as reducing costs and administrative work, our extensive reverse transport network also increases performance. And thus, it improves the satisfaction of your end customers – with visible results.

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