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Surgical precision with no complications

As an expert in medical logistics, we manage the entire logistics chain for you in the healthcare sector. To this end, we ensure that you are provided with the equipment, spare parts and consumables you need, when you need them. We are also a reliable partner, as we handle all aspects of logistics and transport for you, as well as coordinate value-added services for your sensitive healthcare equipment and in vitro diagnostics. This also includes temperature-controlled storage and shipping of refrigerated goods. We likewise cater to your needs with our best-in-class ppm rates in a sector where errors cannot be tolerated.

What makes us so unique when it comes to logistics for medical technology?
The long-standing collaboration with our medical technology customers, which underscores the fact that we focus on developing sustainable logistics concepts. This collaboration also emphasizes our commitment to quality. Thanks to our broad range of services, including spare parts logistics, demo pool management, the repair center and technician service, as well as cooling logistics, we help our customers in the medical sector to achieve their goals.

Why are we also looking to be your medical logistics expert?
As an expert in contract logistics, we have the necessary experience, a well-structured plan and the right services in our portfolio when it comes to your medical equipment. See for yourself and review our service portfolio or our business cases in healthcare logistics.


Martina Weihing

Martina Weihing

Head of Division Healthcare

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Our core business: individual logistics for your medical equipment

Why are we the right partner for you when it comes to medical logistics, medical technology and in vitro diagnostics? Because LGI is an expert in contract logistics for various different industries. You will benefit from our worldwide network and know-how in all aspects of transport and distribution. All you need to do is focus on your core business, while we do the same with ours.

Our logistics solutions cover the entire supply chain for your medical equipment. With LGI as your logistics partner, you can focus entirely on selling your products while we leverage our core competencies of storage, distribution, recirculation and refurbishment services for medical equipment.

Our business units make us highly diversified, which allows you to benefit not only from our experience in medical technology, but also our know-how in the automotive logistics, electronic logistics, industrial logistics, textile logistics and beauty & lifestyle logistics industries. Our expertise in customs and foreign trade as well as our “LGI Operating System” lean management department – which was set up specifically to ensure the ongoing improvement of our logistics program – further benefit you.


Our healthcare service portfolio at a glance


Healthcare Logistics Service Portfolio - LGI




Contract logistics
  • Lean management-based LGI Operating System (LOS) to optimize performance and quality objectives
  • Distribution and reverse logistics for medical technology and in-vitro diagnostics
  • Express services
  • Spare parts logistics
  • Repair and refurbishment in the high-end and low-touch sector
  • Europe-wide service with field service technicians
  • Temperature-controlled stock management with different climate zones down to -200 degrees Celsius
  • Cold chain management for transport and storage including temperature loggers to ensure seamless documentation
  • Radioactive goods
  • Storage of control-blood and reagents
  • Individually trained employees, vaccinated in accordance with biohazard regulations

LGI not only monitors the warehouse processes for your sensitive products; we also control distribution and are well-versed in transport logistics. What can we offer you? Nothing less than the coordination of all suppliers involved in consultation with you.

Transport logistics
  • Lead logistics provider, 4PL
  • Technician services including build up and break down of devices
  • Sea & air freight

As an industry-specific logistics expert, we offer you various value-added services. Whether the provision and reconditioning of test equipment or the installation of medical equipment on site – we offer all services from a single source.

Value-added services
  • Demo pool management
  • Repair center for diagnostic equipment
  • Kitting calibration liquids with appropriate documentation
  • Dry ice and chilled goods handling
  • Packaging development
  • Customs and foreign trade

Our certificates and qualifications in medical technology not only attest to our high standard in quality management, but also demonstrate the care with which we handle your products during distribution.

The worry-free logistics package for your healthcare products

LGI offers you an all-in-one solution that extends from storage and repair to distribution. An example? Medical laboratory equipment must be continuously tested and repaired. With our professional logistics solution, your equipment is inspected, cleaned and serviced at our medical equipment repair center according to defined specifications. We then ensure that the equipment arrives at its destination on time.

In some cases, repair work is even performed on site by our staff of field technicians that serve all of Germany, every day. These technicians are specialized in diagnostic equipment so that they can accurately assess any type of repair and offer targeted solutions. As you can see, our fully integrated logistics solutions have everything you could possibly want. After all, we offer customized solutions for the entire healthcare supply chain.

Premium quality for in vitro diagnostics

This is not some meaningless phrase for us: from control blood, analytical instruments and spare parts to device-specific consumables – your in vitro diagnostics testing is in the very best of hands.

Control blood for calibrating medical measuring instruments, high-quality diagnostic equipment – storing and transporting medical equipment necessitate strict compliance with a variety of requirements and guidelines. This is why we pay special attention to ensuring that your in vitro diagnostics equipment and products are handled with the care and attention to detail they deserve!

Proof of quality for the medical device industry: Best-in-class ppm rates

Not only are our customers satisfied with the logistics solutions we offer, but our quality management performance also verifies that we are on the right track. What do low ppm rates mean for you? This error rate indicates that our lean management system does not tolerate any errors. After all, in medical logistics, quality is of utmost priority, and this is reflected in our processes. Our broad know-how is the backbone to ensuring 100% standards compliance when it comes to handling your healthcare products.

We don’t just offer any logistics services, but rather tailor them to your specific requirements and those of your medical products – the same holds true for our customized additional services.


Have our full-service healthcare solutions now piqued your interest? Then we should talk!

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