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LGI moves to Butzbach on the behalf of Bosch TT

LGI Moves To Butzbach With Customer Handling

BUTZBACH. LGI Logistics Group International GmbH has been in charge of handling logistics for its customer Bosch Thermotechnology (TT) at the Wetzlar site (Hesse) since 2007. In late December, logistics handling relocated to Butzbach, situated nearly 20 minutes away, with a total of 15,000 pallets. “We are pleased that the move was executed so quickly and with such quality professionalism”, said Holger Vacek, Head of Factory Planning & Consulting for the parties involved in the relocation.

For nearly 11 years, LGI has been warehousing and picking goods, such as heating boilers and hot water storage tanks, at the Wetzlar site on behalf of its customer Bosch TT. The products are delivered by various Bosch plants or suppliers and stored on site by LGI employees. Whenever tradesmen or construction workers, for example, place orders, the requested product is picked, packaged, and promptly delivered to its destination.

LGI launched the relocation project back in early 2018 at the customer’s request. More space was needed due to the customer’s ever greater growth. “There are nearly 31,500 pallet spaces in Butzbach, which is about 5,500 more than in Wetzlar”, Vacek said. Within seven days, the project team transported 15,000 pallets, 13,500 chutes for small parts, 2,700 transport units and the location’s equipment to Butzbach in over 600 truckloads.

Supplying end customers was not possible during the move. The project team dealt with this challenge by scheduling the relocation for the period between Christmas and New Year, thereby taking advantage of the holidays. The contract between LGI and its customer Bosch remains in effect at the new location. “We are pleased to continue our successful partnership here at the new facility,” Vacek said. “A big ‘thank you’ to all involved, so that the move was a big success.”

Author. Elena Grotzfeld

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