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IT Roll-Out & Transportation

Your all-round experts for hardware replacement

Do you want a specialized partner that will stand by your side with guidance and support for the replacement of all hardware? Then find out more about our clever logistics solutions in the area of it roll-out & transport.

Why is it always a good idea to call in technical experts for the roll-out?
Year after year the hardware fleet of a company must be replaced. You know it well: Reasons, for example, include the end of a maintenance period or contract period, relocation of the workplace or outdated equipment. The logistics requirements for a roll-out of new work equipment are very high. We ensure that all equipment arrives exactly where it is needed so that your work processes remain undisturbed throughout the entire equipment replacement process. In addition, we also coordinate the individual loading of software for your new equipment, the transport as well as the initial operation on-site by trained technicians. If desired, we can also handle the removal, refurbishment and sale of your old equipment. Currently a large number of well-known, international customers are profiting from our integrated logistics solutions.

How can we guarantee a seamless roll-out for our customers?
Your employees and customers do not have to make any sacrifices during the entire computer replacement process. Our experts can even load the new company equipment with combinations of different software packages within the so-called image load – and this can also be done individually at a department or even employee level. Each device is thus already assigned to an end user even before software installation – this ensures that each employee receives exactly the hardware and software that is needed for his/her everyday work.

Your replacement process was always associated with major difficulties and disappointments in the past? Our promise: Your roll-out will run smoothly with LGI and a variety of certified partners. Give us a call or just schedule an appointment!


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LGI’s transparent and data proof software installation

Every company is different and that means that the requirements for hardware and the associated software are also very different. We take over the software installation for the new equipment for you so that you can concentrate on your daily business during the entire roll-out. Once complete, our experts perform testing so that the equipment is ready for operation by you. If you like, we would also be happy to modify existing hardware configurations independent of the equipment manufacturer, adjust settings to your desired software or uninstall unnecessary software applications.

How can we make this possible? Our high-end integration covers all of your IT desires! After the new equipment from one of the manufacturers specified by you is received, our employees register each device individually and assign it to the respective end user. Thanks to this allocation, the status of equipment can be tracked. Then your individual software packages are loaded on the equipment on the so-called installation line. Depending on the customer request, the data for the software packages are available to us on a server on site or we can securely connect to the data via a VPN tunnel. An employee oversees the data loading via a central control station at all times.

The entire roll-out and roll-back of it equipment from one source

IT Roll-Out & Transport from one source

You want not only a traditional logistics service provider at your side, but also a partner who can offer various value added services and support you during the entire roll-out and transport process? Then you really need to speak to us! Our services extend way beyond that of traditional logistics services.

Along with loading data on new equipment, we can also handle the check of old equipment to be uninstalled as well as the deletion of available data carriers if desired. Our technicians would be happy to generate erasure reports and/or logs at unit level. If desired, our employees can even handle the subsequent recycling and/or disposal, along with the cited breakdown of the old equipment. And the best of all: Our experts are available and happy to handle your IT questions.


To the plugs, set, go – Initial operation included

Just imagine, your new equipment is brought right to your workplace, set up, connected and even tested. Sounds like a dream, right? With LGI, this is reality: Our technicians deliver all configured new equipment free to your address and set up the equipment at the workstation of the assigned end user. If desired, we will also send the equipment with the desired accessories such as a suitable mouse or keyboard – also manufacturer-independent. The final work to be done, for example, is driver installation for the user, which, of course, is then thoroughly tested. Then the data from the old equipment merely need to be uploaded for the end users. Once the data upload is complete, work using the new equipment can commence!

Profit from our know-how from many years of customer relationships in the area of life cycle management and our expertise as an international transport and logistics company. We can happily offer you a combination of several services alongside the life cycle management cycle with our integrated and, above all, flexible logistics solutions: For example, you don’t want to simply dispose of the old equipment – and you don’t have to. If desired, we will collect your old equipment, prepare it and auction it off at the best possible price via an auction platform. What is special here is the end-to-end responsibility for the entire process sequence.

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