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Purchasing & Reselling old IT Equipment

IT asset value recovery - not foreign words to us

What makes us so special when it comes to IT asset value recovery and/or the purchasing & reselling of old IT equipment? This year we have already sold up to 30,000 pieces of old equipment for well-known customers and you can also profit from this know-how.

Why do we, as your clever partner, always think one step ahead?
Do you have IT equipment that is no longer used in your company and are looking for a sustainable solution for the recycling of this equipment? Then simply put your used IT equipment, including accessories, into the capable hands of our experts, which guarantees that you will get the best out of your old equipment. We offer you a seamless logistics solution with regards to the refurbishment and recycling of your IT assets. From laptops, desktops, workstations, monitors, tablets and servers to smartphones – our experienced employees take care of the cleaning of the equipment, the complete erasure of data using certified data wiping software and the optimal recycling of your hardware at our facilities.

How can we always get the best out of your old equipment?
While our employees pick up your old equipment, you can calmly go about dealing with your core business. And we will take care of ours: Our experienced employees record and clean your IT equipment and assign the equipment to a quality level depending on its condition. But we leave nothing to chance here: All monitors are tested for external damage, image quality and pixel errors, among other things. For all other systems with storage media, the equipment is packaged after its data is erased using certified data wiping software and auctioned off for the best possible sales proceeds via a Europe-wide customer network. As your experienced logistics partner, we free up your time and take care of the entire process: from the traditional logistics with secure transport, auction management to shipping and payment handling.

Still not convinced? Then let the numbers speak for themselves: Just call our asset recovery experts or schedule an appointment.


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We can get more out of your old it equipment than you might think

We offer you a complete package tailored to you for the resale of your IT products. Our bundle of services includes the tender, quote comparisons and coordination of the pickup. That way you can kill two birds with one stone and profit in this context not only with the low storage costs, but also the sales value of your old equipment. How can we guarantee the best price entirely without risk? Thanks to our risk-free auction model, your refurbished and cleaned equipment are put into a Europe-wide customer network and auctioned off over one week. With the help of the auction process, we are guaranteed to get the best out of your IT systems.

We guarantee that you will always receive the transparency that you desire starting from the cleaning and evaluation of your IT hardware according to set quality guidelines to the conclusion of the sale. Another special feature are the various models that we offer to our customers: In the purchase model, we evaluate your systems taking into account a risk surcharge. In the special win-win model, we purchase your equipment if desired without a prior inspection and guarantee you the highest sales proceeds thanks to the so-called profit sharing model. How does this work? We reimburse you the majority of the sales proceeds and cover all costs involved for us with a previously defined percentage.

Purchasing & Reselling old IT equipment - LGI

We know what to do with your old equipment – conscientious, resource-friendly and environmentally-friendly

Due to the ever shortening life cycles of electronic products, the conscientious, resource-friendly and environmentally-friendly refurbishment and recycling of hardware is gaining even greater focus in commercial environments. The secure erasure of data is an important part of the refurbishment process so that your sensitive date are safely removed. A certified data wiping program is used here and the equipment is reset to its factoring settings. You also have the option of a 3x or even 7x deletion process if so desired. What do our life cycle management experts have to say about environmentally-friendly disposal? LGI saves over 8,000,000 kilograms of CO² emissions annually through the resale of IT hardware. This has the ecological effect of planting 20,800 trees. Did you know, for example, that more than three fourths of all old equipment can be resold and therefore doesn’t have to be disposed of?

Individual, no longer salable IT assets, accessories and network cables are disposed of by LGI in a particularly environmentally-friendly manner. Thanks to our long-term relationship with a German, certified recycling company, we put the entire recycling process in capable hands. In this way, we support adherence to legal requirements for environmental protection and the further development of environmentally-friendly recycling processes. If you have been persuaded by our sustainability concept, then we should talk. Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail.


LGI offers a combined solution throughout the entire life cycle

We are not only experts in life cycle management, we are also well known as a strong, global transport and logistics company. Thanks to our many years of customer relationships, we have a wide network with certified and qualified partner companies from which you can profit from the asset recovery of your old equipment.

We manage all partner companies with our integrated and, above all, flexible logistics solutions and we can happily offer you a combination of several services alongside the life cycle management circle. What is special here is the end-to-end responsibility for the entire process sequence. Is this the kind of supplier you were looking for? Then we would be happy to hear from you and set up an appointment.

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