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Pakadoo - Work Life Logistics

pakadoo work-life logistics - A service for satisfied employees

pakadoo – work-life logistics is a new service from LGI which employers can use to allow employees to send and receive personal parcels officially at the office. Helping employees to avoid unnecessary trips and saving them lots of time.


At a glance: LGI work life logistics – pakadoo

  • Attractiveness – because it gives time. A company promoting a work-life balance is viewed as more attractive in the labor market.
  • Productivity – because it helps employees focus on the task at hand. Employees no longer need to worry about how to collect parcels after work. This time saving is accompanied by a boost in concentration and motivation, with positive effects on the company’s productivity.
  • Sustainability – and therefore a more favorable image. Employees, and especially parcel transporters, can save themselves and the environment a lot of back and forth. This improves the company’s sustainability balance almost automatically.
  • Security – with the world’s smallest logistics app. LGI’s internal start-up arranges personal parcel delivery and collection services. Parcels are identified immediately on receipt and cannot enter the company without authorization.


Success factors

  • Makes your company more attractive as a social benefit
  • Improves your employees’ work-life balance
  • Increases employee motivation, and thus productivity
  • Saves CO2 and thus improves your carbon footprint
  • Ensures an efficient, standardized process
  • Increases security in your company
  • Works with all conventional parcel service providers
  • Offers an international solution for all of your company sites

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Hewlett-Packard-Straße 1/1
D-71083 Herrenberg
Phone. +49 7032 2291222

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